We are grateful for the human capacity to grow at any age, in big and small ways. Bob Dylan, songwriter, and painter known to so many of us as a folk artist, is now expressing himself creatively with iron art. At 72, he uses found iron objects and welds them together to create some awesome, huge iron gate art. Thank you, Bob Dylan, for the reminder that the gift of self-expression benefits not only the artist but all those who get to experience it.

Having an outlet for self-expression can give us any or all of the following: relaxation, a pleasant distraction, pressure relief, sense of purpose, connection with others, exercise for body and brain, passion, a place to let go of what is bothering us. What we do to express ourselves can evolve over time. So, Walden Behavioral Health Blog readers, try an old hobby or pick up a new one and let us know what benefits you gain!