Walden’s mental health service moved to a more sustainable group practice delivery model at the end of 2016. In the course of serving the Southern Maryland community over the last three years with a mental health clinic, Walden’s leadership made a dedicated effort to staff the clinic with psychiatry staff.

Dr. Kathleen O’Brien, Walden’s Chief Executive Officer explains, “We moved into providing a mental health clinic to help meet community demand for mental health services. The challenge has been the shortage of psychiatric staff in this area. Ultimately, we have not been able to find enough resource to provide these services as a stand-alone clinic. However, we are committed to providing high quality, individualized mental health care; therefore, we have changed how our mental health services are delivered.”

Walden’s mental health services continue to be a good fit for someone suffering from situational depression, grief or a mental health crisis created by a loss or major milestone. Walden’s mental health service is also a good option for those seeking couples or family counseling. The new group practice accepts most major insurance plans.

Dr. O’Brien continues, “We remain committed to ensuring Walden can assist patients who require medication as part of their care. Toward that end, we are working on creating connections with partner providers in the community who can provide medication, management, and additional medication-assisted treatment while Walden provides counseling and therapeutic treatment services.

Please do not hesitate to contact our appointment line on (301) 997-1300 to see how we can help.