Drug Addiction Rehab in Maryland

When you are struggling with drug addiction or drug dependency, you need a stable, collaborative support system that can help you feel grounded and secure as you work towards recovery and sobriety. For this reason, we have created Charlotte Hall and Harford County, our inpatient treatment facilities. We understand the importance of trauma-informed treatment programs that are responsive to the crisis management, behavioral health and recovery needs of our clients. We utilize this knowledge as the backbone of our facilities’ programs and to provide compassionate, mental health-based therapies.

Our Maryland drug rehabilitation professionals use a comprehensive approach to treat addiction and the underlying traumas that contribute to each patient’s condition. We are committed to contributing to the well-being of the communities we serve through integrated behavioral health care, crisis intervention and recovery support.


Drug addiction, or substance use disorder, is a disease that begins in the brain but affects the entire body system, beginning with the experimental use of a drug in a social situation or as the result of an accident or injury that requires pain medicine or another mind-altering prescription. Depending on the substance, addiction can be immediate or can advance with time. Regardless of how a dependency starts, it is imperative to seek help as addiction can ravage the lives of addicts, loved ones, their children and families.

Addiction symptoms vary depending on the specific drug, but there are behaviors that indicate addiction across the board, including:

  • Increasing dosage over time to achieve the same effect, also known as tolerance
  • Feelings of anxiety if you do not have access to the drug
  • Needing to maintain a supply for “later” or “just in case”
  • Spending money on a drug, despite other financial responsibilities
  • Using the drug despite it causing relationship, occupational or health problems
  • Failing attempts to quit using the drug
  • Justifying use to friends and family
  • Stealing, selling your body or doing other illegal activities to get the drug
  • Using alternative forms of the drug to reach a similar effect if it is not available

If you feel like you cannot function without a drug, or you notice that a loved one is exhibiting the signs listed above, it is time to get help. Drug dependency not only devastates relationships and lives but also destroys your body. Your life is worth saving; let us help you discover a second chance.

Our programs are aimed at treating all forms of drug addiction, including:

Drug Addiction Rehab Professionals in Maryland

If you are ready for a fresh start, our team of Maryland drug addiction treatment professionals at Walden can help. Our center offers both inpatient treatment and outpatient programs for a variety of recovery needs. We provide child and adolescent services, co-occurring mental health therapy and recovery and wellness resources. Using the trauma-informed approach to treatment, we are able to foster stronger foundations for sobriety and give our patients the tools for empowerment. Our team knows that every addiction is as unique as the reasoning behind it, and we will work with you to support recovery while providing tools that facilitate healing.

We are pleased to say that all of our locations accept Maryland Medicaid to help you or your loved one get their life back. Learn about our programs and the ways that we can help by scheduling an appointment today.

We have several locations in Maryland: Charlotte Hall, California, Lexington Park, Harford County and Waldorf.

Contact us at (301) 997-1300.

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