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Gambling can quickly devolve from a social activity into a debilitating habit, one that affects you, your friends and your family members. To distance yourself from problem gambling, you need a safe, non-judgmental environment where you’re free to pursue recovery at your own pace. That’s exactly why we offer problem gambling treatment at our Lexington Park and Waldorf locations – trauma-informed treatment programs specifically designed to help you identify and eliminate destructive gambling patterns.

If you’re challenged by a recurring gambling addiction, know that you don’t need to struggle alone. Our problem gambling treatment program in southern Maryland helps you adopt a person-first approach to your own health. We tailor our treatment plans to accommodate your individual needs, whether you prefer in-person treatment, telehealth options, or a hybrid of services.


Gambling can quickly become addictive. When it does, an ongoing gambling habit will stimulate the brain much like substances can, causing an increasingly strong impulse.

While gambling addiction symptoms can vary, certain practices often indicate the presence of a gambling addiction. These behaviors often include:

  • Changes in sleep, diet or sexual patterns
  • Avoidance of previously enjoyed activities
  • Decreased levels of enjoyment in favorite hobbies
  • Lies that cover up gambling habits
  • Increased substance use dependencies
  • Incessant gambling-related thoughts
  • Borrowed or stolen cash to satisfy gambling debts

These and other habits often manifest as underlying symptoms of a gambling addiction. If you feel like you cannot function without your gambling habits, or your loved one has adopted one or more of the above signs, it might be time to seek treatment. Let us help you discover a life beyond addiction.


If you’re ready for a fresh start, we’re ready to deliver the treatment you need. Our problem gambling treatment program was created to connect you with resources that help you separate yourself from negative habits. You’ll recognize your value beyond destructive gambling behaviors, as you pursue freedom alongside others facing similar challenges.

We want to help you achieve recovery through comfortable, accredited addiction programming. Participate in confidential, individual counseling sessions with professional health advocates who understand your needs. Connect with referrals who can provide valuable input and support. Engage with personal and community resources designed to help you overcome gambling-related issues.

Licensed and accredited Lexington Park and Waldorf programs provide the outpatient problem gambling treatment you’re looking for. We offer assessments and treatment for all Maryland residents at no cost.

Our Lexington Park and Waldorf programs can help restore your life, or the life of a loved one. Learn more about problem gambling program and connect with valuable resources when you schedule your appointment today.

Contact our team 24/7 to learn more at (301) 997-1300.

Contact our team 24/7 to learn more at (301) 997-1300.

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